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Dracula Daily is an email newsletter that sends you the novel Dracula, in 'real-time', as it happens to the characters.

"An internet Sensation" — The New York Times
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Dracula Daily the book

We made a book!

The viral email newsletter and reanimation of Bram Stoker's classic is now also a real, physical book. This deluxe hardcover volume includes the remixed text of the classic novel along with humorous chapter headers and a curated selection of the funniest memes, wittiest commentary and best fan art selected from among Dracula Daily's 240,000 subscribers.

It's going to be published September 19, 2023 but you can preorder now.

Preorder for goodies!

Preorders are a big deal in the print-book world.
See below for details!

Preorder now, get some goodies

When you preorder a book like this, it really helps bring visibility to it to others. Plus, Matt will send you some goodies in the mail. Details here, or just jump straight to the submission form.

You get a bookplate, YOU get a bookplate, YOU get a bookplate. Everybody who preorders before June 1, 2023 can get a bookplate sticker in the mail. I'm still finalizing a design but thinking something like this:

bookplate mockup

Also a bookmark. The real book of Dracula Daily has a nice ribbon bookmark included. But here's another one just for fun! This is only available for the first 500 people who preorder.

mark mockup keychain mockup

Maybe a keychain from HOTEL DRACULA?

And this was a fun idea I couldn't resist: a hotel keychain from Castle Dracula. Greet your guests with the totally normal phrase, "WELCOME TO MY HOUSE. Enter freely and of your own will."

I've got 200 of these and I'll send them to the first people that fill out the preorder form.

Gimme the goods already

Here, all I need is some proof that you preordered the book, and your mailing address. US addresses only, sorry.

  1. Preorder Dracula Daily. It's available lots of places.
  2. Fill out this form. Upload some proof of preorder - like a screenshot of your order confirmation or something? I don't need any of your personal info, just enough to show me you ordered the book :)
  3. Get some stuff in the mail from Matt!

Next I need a mailing address. I won't share or save this, I just need it to get you the goods. US addresses only, sorry :)

Here you can upload some kind of proof of preorder. This form will accept image files like jpgs or pngs.

Some details: The form above asks for your name, mailing address, and some proof of purchase. I don't care what it is, just screenshot your order or confirmation email, something like that. Don't send me any more personal info than you need to. I really don't want your credit card number.

US addresses only. Sorry, I can only send these to addresses in the US, postage and shipping outside the US gets really expensive for Editor Matt.

First come, first serve. How do you know if you were in the first group that got the keychain? Uh, it's not a kickstarter or anything, there's no fancy tracker here - just Matt mailing out some goodies. You'll know when the envelope shows up at your door. :)